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Dragon Stalkers is eminently readable and oh so funny. It presents a refreshingly original tale out of a kaleidoscopic jumble of common fairy tale clichés. It is cleverly done storytelling that entertains on every page. The humour is light but sharp with loads of double ententes that would not be out of place in a Carry On movie.
I don't remember a book I finished as quickly that I enjoyed so much. I would love to read more in this style. I seriously believe Richard Marman has hit on something special. 

Salman Shami

I enjoyed the adventures of Danny McAlister and Angela Holyman in this volume. It made a great sequel to the first book, introduced new colourful characters and allows us to follow those from the first.
I loved it so much that I want to know what happens next in the McAlister Line.

Chris Johnson 


Who likes Pirates, maidens in distress (and maybe not), mad Generals, smugglers, gun-toting Italians and wild aeronautical acrobatics? It's all here in this great story!

Ian King


Refreshing to read a story [McAlister's Way] that reminds of yarns spun from storytellers when the tale was the highlight in itself. Enjoyed this read and the language used. Enjoyable read.

A J Mouse

With pirates and secrets set amongst the northern tropics, you’re in for a delightful read. It has a really good sense of place and from the voice to the detail, it’s a fast moving action story that will leave you wanting more. Lauren Jones

McAlister’s Spark is a fast-paced, action-riddled amazing read you will struggle to put down.

Wade Reynolds

Through the non-stop action and the integration of history, new cultures and wars the reader is kept engaged from beginning to end on a literary roller coaster ride they won't soon forget.

Jes Jones

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