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McAlister's Series

McAlister's Way

Teenager Danny McAlister escapes from a draconian boarding school. His flight takes him through Northern Queensland to the New Guinea Highlands searching for his father, missing during WWII.

He joins Afro-American bush-pilot Mad Monty and Angela Holyman, a missionary's stunning daughter. They plunge head-long into a series of helter-skelter adventures through New Guinea where they face vicious Filipino pirates to discover the secret of Danny's father.

McAlister's Hoard

McAlister's Hoard.jpg

Only months after escaping from Frenchy Duvals band of cut throats pirates(McAlister's Way), Danny McAlister and Angela Holyman are once again thrown into a thrilling, helter-skelter adventure in their tropical, South-Sea paradise.

Following only the filmsiest clues they embark on a perilous treasure hunt in a desperate struggle against old enemies in order to save the lives of new friends.

McAlister's Seige

While Angela completes her medical degree in London, Monty and Danny go to war with Claire Chennault's China Air.

But you can't keep Ange out of the action for long. She's soon back to join the boys s they face their toughest challenge yet in a thrilling climax in Vietnam at the siege of Dien Bien Phu

McAlister's Allegiance

After recovering from injuries at Dien Bien Phu, Danny is straight back into action.

Joined by Monty and Angela, they plunge headlong into another non-stop, breathtaking odyssey across five continents, landing in one desperate scrape after another.

Finally all three must make heart-breaking decisions which ultimately define their true allegiance

McAlister's Lady

In this prequel, set in the Napoleonic War, Jonathan McAlister and Christina Jenkins face an impossible task when trapped behind the massive French army lines during the early stages of wellington's Peninsular Campaign.


Somehow they must find a way to Lisbon and freedom surrounded by enemy troops, indiscrimate partisans and Portugese bandits. Where will Jonathan and Christina go and where will they finally end up?

McAlister's Trail

Set in New Mexico, Sonora, Arizona and California in 1876. Jubal Quinn is a black trooper in the 10th Cavalry accused of murder. Doomed to hang, ​
he escapes the stockade aided by Kiowa boy Billy Songbird.

Hot in pursuit, Lieutenant Sam McAlister's devotion to duty becomes obsession. Not even a beautiful Mexican girl's love can deter Sam until either he or Jubal is dead.

McAlister and the Great War

On his seventeenth birthday NSW farm boy, Callan McAlister joins AIF and is swept away to war.

He sees action in the Sinai Desert, Gallipoli, Dublin during the 1916 Easter Rising and the Western Front all before his twentieth birthday. 

Callan falls in love with a lovely English beauty, Ivy Brown, but their path to happiness is thretened by aristocratic prejudice and Callan's chances of surviving the bloodshed.

McAlister's Spark

Zach McAlister, narrator of 'McAlister's Way', has grown into a young man and must face the perils of a world turned upside-down in the blink of an eye when a cosmic event destroys all electrically-based technology.

Suddenly civilisation has vanished and replaced by a brutal, merciless new order plungin the planet into the dark ages where Zach struggles for survival in rural Australia.

The Peacemaker

Front Cover 03 Hurricane.jpg

1936 - Callan McAlister and Ivy  Brown find themselves embroiled in the Spanish Civil War and soon get into trouble. They're forced to flee to an idyllic Meditteanean Island where they join forces with Canadian pilot Johnny Witherspoon as the spectre of war in Europe looms every closer. Surrounded by Italian and Nazi forces Ivy and Callan are stretched to their limits to try and maintain peace on their island paradise.

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