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Other Books by Richard Marman

A Tale of Two Turtles

A Tale of Two Turtles is a fun read following the life of Wave, a female green turtle, from hatching until she returns to her birthplace to lay her own eggs. She meets Web, a young male who warns her about the danger of seaborne rubbish. The book is colourfully illustrated to delight children and adults alike.

A Whale's Tale

Living happily around Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Wave and Web meet a juvenile humpback whale called Davo.

He tells them of his annual migration from Antartica to tropical waters, explaining the dangers of sharks, orcas and human whalers. Davo continues his journey leaving Wave and Web to ponder the marvel of such a gentle giant.

Dragon Stalkers

Brimstone, a fierce, fiery dragon is terrorising the peaceful village of Oak Tree and it is up to gallant Prince Roger and his gorgeous feisty sister, Princess Crystal to challenge the beast. They are ably - or otherwise - assisted by a motley crew of goodies, villains, trolls, a dark knight and two trusty chargers - well one anyway. There are thrills and spills galore, a spot of romance and aventurous, rollicking roller coaster ride for all concerned.

The Wealth

Approaching his sixteenth birthday, Henry is thrust into a perilous quest when his village chief's wife is abducted. Joined by three companions and his pet wolf, he vows to track down the mysterious kidnappers. With no magic or special skills they rely on their courage, determination, wits and friendship to survive in a cruel realm that makes no concessions for youth or innocence until they face a seemingly unconquerable foe at the gates of a hostile, alien city.​

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