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Richard Marman


Richard spent three years at the University of the Sunshine Coast and Tewantin TAFE successfully completing a degree majoring in creative writing and graphic design and a diploma of visual art. Using ideas gained at university, Richard began illustrating and writing books, publishing eight novels, two novellas and two illustrated children’s book as well as illustrating over a dozen books for other authors. Richard travels whenever there is an opportunity.  He takes a camera everywhere and uses the images he’s recorded as reference for his illustration. Many of the incidents and settings in his novels are based on events he experienced during his aviation career. Richard writes what he likes to read. His favourite authors include Bernard Cornwell, Matthew Reilly, Mark Twain and Janet Evanovich. In his spare time Richard likes nothing better than snorkelling with large marine creatures.He joined the Royal Australian Air Force and trained as a pilot. He served for nine years, including an operational tour in Vietnam after which he flew C-130 Hercules transports and later passenger jets for Ansett Airlines. Despite a successful aviation career, Richard always wanted to pursue his interest in art. Leaving flying in 2006, he completed a Diploma of Visual Art at Tewantin TAFE and graduated with a BA at the University of the Sunshine Coast, majoring in creative writing and design. Richard has recently published a seven books series about the adventures of Danny McAlister. He is currently working on the release of the eighth book in the series.

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