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Richard Marman


Richard is a ukulele enthusiast and taught advanced intermediate classes for Sunshine Coast U3A. Richard classes himself as an adequate musician who learned his skills by studying musical structure and learning to read music scores. Richard began playing guitar, bass and drums as a teenager and plays socially at every opportunity. Much of Richard’s favourite music is from the lost genre of 1960s guitar instrumentals.  He now volunteers with a local music group to entertain retirement home residents.

Ukulele Lessons

Beginners & Beyond

Private or group classes

I-2 people A$20 each

3-4 people A$15 each

5-6 people A$10 each

Please book through my contact page

Step-by-Step Ukulele Videos




Every thing you need to know to become a competent ukulele musician is right here in these step-by-step, easy-to-follow videos.

If you want to do more than the strum the same three chords, you'll be amazed how easily you will understand the basic rudiments of music and apply them to your ukulele playing.


Richard isn't a musical genius. He's just like you and has developed this course so anyone can learn to play like the pros in a remarkably short time.


Richard's mantra is 'practise a little every day and you will learn to play.'


So grab your ukulele, plug in the USB and let Richard take you on a fun-filled, fantastic journey.

This course contains fifteen videos and a text manual in PDF and MS Word formats so you can print each lesson as you go along

Contact me for details.
USB price $A 20.00


All Videos

All Videos

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