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Richard Marman Illustrator

Richard began illustrating in 1988 after completing a Diploma of Commercial Art by correspondence. He subsequently continued his study at Tewantin TAFE and the University of the Sunshine Coast, majoring in creative writing and graphic design accompanied by a Diploma of Visual Art.

His work includes:

  • a series of safety posters and calendars for the Ground Safety Council of Australasia — comprising of Qantas, Ansett, Air New Zealand, CASA, Air New Guinea and the RAAF

  • Wine label and pamphlet for a Tasmania vineyard

  • Safely booklet for the Sydney Airport Corporation

  • Safety posters for Singapore Airlines

  • Illustrations for other authors including by Elle Burton, Rita Hayward and Judith Bandidt

  • Business card and clipart design


His latest venture was illustrating Great-Grandma Elské’s Bamboo Cane, by Rhonda Valentine Dixon

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