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Character Building

While I've been downsizing and preparing our house for sale and move into a smaller, more manageable place, I've neglected my blog page. So now I've resolve to post regularly at the beginning and end of each week. Here are some random thoughts on character building.

Is it important for characters, especially the main ones, to grow through the story? I think in many cases it doesn't matter. For rite-of-passage story, OK, but I don't think James Bond changed much in the 007 books however much Hollywood wanted him to. I've just finished the 25th Stephanie Plum novel, and she, Morelli, Ranger and Lula stay much the same, nor are they age (just like Calvin who's been six for ever). When I write adventure novels the characters change to situations much like I feel I would. Sometimes its permanent and sometimes just a reaction. I don't over-think character development, it seems to happen naturally.

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