Technology — Help or Hindrance

As more electronic processing becomes available to individuals authors, they need to master the technology or get left behind. I have the impression publishers and agents will look more favourably on print-ready submissions. The good part is we can do stuff ourselves and not pay someone else to do it. The down-side is programs can be complicated. I thought I was on top of printing and graphics software, but now realise I've just scratched the surface.

Are Young Adults Reading Historical Fiction?Untitled

Marketing fantasy, vampire and modern romance to young adults, seems to way to go, but if you’re better at writing historical fiction, are young adults going to be your readers? I thought writing about teenagers in the 1950s would attract a young audience, but the best response came from baby-boomers who were youngsters back then. So are young adults interested in history or is it all super-heroes, blood-suckers and love-crossed angst?

Vikings Rule

I built this model viking longboat many years ago and it featured on both the first and second edition book covers of 'The Wealth'. I changed the dragon figurehead to a wolf because that's how I described them in the novel.

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